Global Hindu Conference

26.04.2014 12:00

Workshop - How to Present Hinduism vis-a-vis Christianity

WORKSHOP: How to Present Hinduism vis-a-vis Christianity

Instructor: Kalavai Venkat

kalavai venkat In this workshop, the knowledge gained in the above classes will be tested by simulating real-life situations. These may include but are not limited to – approach by a missionary for proselytization, or negotiating co-habitation with a prospective Christian spouse, or negotiating the religious identity and spiritual training of children with a Christian spouse, or how to manage the inter-religious marriage of the offsprings. The objective of this session is to discuss why and how the Hindus should deal with Christian evangelization. How do the missionaries portray Hinduism? What are some of the aspects of Hinduism that the missionaries highlight? Why do they highlight those aspects? What are the methods of evangelization the missionaries engage in? What impact does the missionary discourse have on Hindu society? The instructor will discuss how Hinduism fundamentally differs from Christianity and whether the two religions are compatible. He will discuss how the Hindus should present Hinduism given the reality of Christian evangelization. Most importantly, there will be a discussion on why and how the Hindus should go beyond merely reacting to Christian evangelization and instead be proactive and set the rules of the game. There will be a classroom exercise at the end of the session.