Global Hindu Conference

26.04.2014 12:00

Course - Evolution of Hinduism since Vedic Times

Title: Evolution of Hinduism since Vedic Times
Sub-title: Relation of Hinduism to Christianity

Teacher: B.P. Lathi

This class will give an overview of Hinduism including all its major variations, and how it juxtaposes with Christianitybplathi

Course outline

  • Part I: Hinduism - Core Concepts
  1. Evolution of Hinduism: from Vedas to Upanishads

2. Variety of beliefs yet, foundation in Sankhya and Upanishads (Vedanta).

3. What are the Characteristics of science? Are foundations of Hinduism scientific?

4.   Levels of Reality; Dvaita and Advaita; Nirvikalpa and Savikalpa Samadhi; Nirguna and Saguna God; concept of Moksha or liberation.

5.   Designer religion with four goals and four different stages (Ashramas) of life.

6.   Role of mythology in educating the masses in esoteric truths.

7.   Mysticism, the foundation of Dharmic religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism

  • Part II: Hinduism in Relation to Christianity

1.   Universality of experience-based Mystic faiths vs. unverifiable, command-based autocratic spirit of prophet-centered faiths.

2.   Are prophet-based religions scientific?

3. Historical consequences of claims of Abrahamic religions to being ‘Chosen People’ with spiritual monopoly: aggression, bloodshed, conquests, imperialism, forced conversion and forcing alien identity on outside cultures.

4.   The havoc created by man-made laws among Abrahamic societies which are supposed to be ruled by God’s laws in contrast to Hindu position where laws are to be made by society.

5.   Existential danger to history-centred prophetic religions because of their inability to stand up to historical scrutiny.