Global Hindu Conference

26.04.2014 12:00


Course - Basics of Christian Theology

Class on Basics of Christian Theology

Instructor: Kalavai Venkat

kalavai venkat This intense class will cover major concepts and features of Christianity, and its comparative analysis with Hinduism. The objective of this session is to familiarize the participants with the basic tenets of Christianity. The instructor will discuss the core Christian doctrinal beliefs that motivate Christian missionaries to engage in evangelization. Will discuss the historical challenges to Christian beliefs and scientifically evaluate Christian doctrines. How does Christianity fare in the light of latest findings in epigraphy, archaeology, psychology, memetics, and neuroscience? What answers does a critical and dispassionate assessment of the Bible, Jesus, and the God of Abraham yield? What effect does Christianity have on society?

There will be a classroom exercise at the end of the session.

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